What’s killing these people?

Something terribly wrong is going on at the moment in Monrovia, although it has piped down as more and more of the local people are now aware of it and are more vigilant, even keeping vigils by their private and community owned wells.
It is the disturbing addition of chemicals people say is embalming fluid(which I doubt because its not known to be fatal. Or is it?) that’s being added to wells by certain young men whose identity is still unknown. Some act in the wee hours, as early as 3 a.m. One of them was caught at this time about four days ago and confessed that they were operating in large number and each earned $US500 from the act. But who sends these young, jobless and hungry men on such wicked acts? No one knows for sure. But alot of fingers are pointed towards the government or atleast some persons in there. Funny thing is, no word has been said from the government to either debunk or verify this claims. Sadly, the deaths that have so far resulted from the taking in of this polluted water is attributed to the Ebola virus. More people have died from the pollution than from the virus, a passerby said to me.


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