I killed. I loved it.

You see, the menace that i killed often caused me a great deal of worry; eating my food, messing with my work, bringing his friends over, waking me up at night with his annoying noise. Many will never approve of what I’d done but many haven’t experienced it so they probably aren’t in a position to say what I should and shouldn’t have done.
I couldn’t take it anymore, and it needed taking care of. I had asked him several times to leave my apartment, I had even threatened him and i’d thrown stuff at him when I got pissed but all he ever did was scurry and give a laugh that infuriated me the more. I had tried everything.
I had to do something and had to do that something fast.

I sat there focused at the corner of the room where I laid ambush for him, waiting for him to waltz right in like he usually did. My eyes twitching. My palm pressing against the edge of the armrest. My back straight. Gloves on and ready for show.
He came in alone at his usual time. He didn’t say hello, he never did. But he probably didn’t see me, I was one with the furniture i sat in. And then came the cry and my grin grew from ear to ear. He was trapped in the glue i had spread all over about a meter of cardboard. All was ready for the game to begin.

A box of pins with him in it. After that, hanging by one arm to the ceiling fan as it spun. Drove broomsticks into him, and i even waterboarded him. There was a piece of cotton cloth that came in handy. Dont know if I got the technique right though. It was almost like scenes from Saw. I didn’t know what got into me but I wasn’t ready for it to get out.

I killed. I probably shouldnt have, but i loved it.


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