Of Ads, Music and Menace

There’s a trend in Africa (no I’m not referring to the Ebola menace) where songs are written and sung by artists, popular and otherwise for the purpose of publicity. These songs are made for anything from drugs, food, to bank loans. They’re all over TV and Radio and are usually songs that appeal to the public; slow songs, danceable songs, you name it. Many are ingenious but also,  many are outright rubbish and do nothing but ruin the brand it was made to uplift. This style of advertising i’m guessing is widely accepted across the continent. I used to think it was just a Nigerian thing.

I did mention that some of these songs are…well…terrible, right? Right ! I also said somewhere up there that this wasn’t about the Ebola virus right?. …Wrong! I lied.

I heard a song on the radio this morning. A terrible attempt to sensitize the public on the scourge. What it ended up doing was make me sway and bop my head and so did the years of many other people who didn’t realise at first that it was a song about the deadly virus.  With this song in the background Ebola didn’t feel scary anymore. There was some talk about how it was inappropriate and bla bla bla. So now kids are singing the song as they play. 
If I wasn’t worried for my safety i would have gone to the radio station or the Health Ministry to query them. But then again i’ll just go back to watching the movie Contagion. Its eerily close to portraying what is and will happen if this disease gets out of hand.


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