I Hate My Smartphone

My smartphone isn’t at all smart. Aside that it has a little problem of predicting my words when I have already gone over 80% to complete the said word, or the fact that i have never needed to type ‘Ohio’, ‘phew’ or ‘Asus’ but that hasn’t stopped it from suggesting them. The phone is just dumb. You see, my phone seems to not understand certain obvious commands. The other day i pushed the ‘off’ button and it asked me “do you want to switch phone off?”, while giving me the ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’ options. I got really mad and yelled “of course, that’s why i pushed the damn button!”. So i had to tap OK, of which the word Tap is making  light of  that situation, it was more like i slapped ‘OK’. Then it must’ve grinned an invisible android grin when it flashed across the screen ‘Phone is switching off’. And again I was raving mad. ‘Don’t you think i know that?! I want you to be off is why i pushed the button in the very first place!’

I had a dream one night where I beat the sh*t out of the green robot, I broke his arm and yanked off its eye.

My smartphone is not so smart but it knows how to piss me off.


One thought on “I Hate My Smartphone

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