The Erratums

What is a cat? It’s a correction. Having created the mouse God said to himself, “that was silly of me!” and so he created the cat.

What is man? An adventurer. Having created the earth God said to himself, “let us make man in our image, that place will need some exploring!”.

What is water? The drink. After man had had his first meal he said to God, “you know i do feel some tingling in my throat”. “Hmm, i didn’t see that coming” God said “Uhmm, yea, OK, swallow some of that!”.

What is the cow? A substitute. Having created the pig God said to himself, “naa, i don’t want them eating that”

What is woman? A confusion. Having created man God said to himself, “He’s too lonely – and at peace, let’s give him some excitement, shall we?”.

What is a death? The conclusion. Having created life God said to himself, “this can’t go on for ever”.

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