Nigeria: where are we?

How i weep for my … that’s impossible, i really don’t see myself weeping for Nigeria anytime in the nearest future for we brought this on ourselves. But for my own part, i can’t utter the name Nigeria without a feeling of respect, shock and a large dose of grief. That nation has dragged itself in the mud so long amongst the comity of nations with these nations standing aloof, one hand stretched towards us and the other resting on their bellies as they laugh hard at our unbelievable governance style and its outright silliness. They warned us, they tried to help us, they planned against us.
Nigeria, a land that was once described as flowing with milk and honey. That land seems to now flow with sour milk and fake honey. A land that has suddenly accepted tribalism. A land that now treats you according to your religion. What brought about all of this? A land where the Divide and Rule stratagem is in full play. They have turned our strength to our weakness.

What are we the youth and young at heart doing? I mean besides arm-chair activism. What are we doing besides posts on the internet? Don’t we need abit more rallies? A bunch of teens and young men started the French Revolution: Athens was a mobocracy: down-and-outs made Holland: the common people more than once saved Rome, and the rabble followed Jesus Christ.

Why then can’t the little people of Nigeria stand for justice? Why do we let the ogas at the top play with a future so promising? Our children’s future. See the strides we’ve been able to attain even in adversity. Imagine what we could attain in prosperity.

They can’t control you and they know it. It was evident in the Subsidy protest in January of that year. They can only control the ogas at the top who control the ogas close to the top who control the ogas close to the ground. But the ground, they have no control over. We are a resourceful people, we’re scattered all over the globe doing great things and still great things can’t happen in our own country? There’s no talk of hitting the ground running, we’re already on the ground, let’s just start running. Let us run for our sake. For the sake of a good life in our very own beloved nation. Our daughters, sisters, nieces were taken from us, our relatives, friends, neighbours are slaughtered day in and out, all happening while our government justle for the biggest property in London, Paris and Dubai, the classiest automobile, the latest aircraft. But we, what do we get? We get empty promises. The SSS Spokesperson then says zero tolerance would be applied to those who insult President Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck with that. And an oga of police who said there should be no more public protest. He must have gotten a slap on the back for that order (when a slap on the face would’ve been appropriate).

We have shown the world how good we are in the film and music industry, now they reckon with us. We’re set to go to the world cup to show the world stuff we’re made of. How about we show the world the stuff we’re made of in other areas?
The world is watching and mocking us. The world is embarrassed for us. Cos of the simple fact that we humiliate ourselves with each passing day.
Why should i have to think again before admitting my identity? Why do i have to endure hard stares at checkpoints and airports as soon as my passport is handled?

If we don’t do nothing, nothing will be done. If nothing is done then we’re all collaborators in this hideous system. If pleas won’t work how about torches and pitchforks?

Nigeria i hail thee.

2 thoughts on “Nigeria: where are we?

  1. I have not heard this mocking laughter from myself or any other non-Nigerians. Only self- mockery from yourself.
    The Bad-Guys are more numerous, better armed, better organized, meaner and more rotten than ever. They are also uglier so they want to make everyone else as ugly as they are. And they ALL have ingestion. Always with the farts. So much farts they begin to believe it is language and use it as arguments. Please be careful. Such entities are not reasonable.


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