Of this Mimshach Anointing

I was doing my usual poking into “stuff that doesn’t concern me” when i came across Mimshach anointing. Someone was talking about how his Head pastor in charge, aka G.O aka papa aka father-in-the-lord aka Man Of God, is anointed with this kind of anointing. Saying that it is because of this anointing that his Papa has “broken forth new grounds in the faith to redeem the lost souls” or how did he put it.
Anyway …
But if i recall from the bit of digging that i decided to carry out, the Bible refers to Lucifer as the ‘anointed cherub who covers’ and the Hebrew word that was used was Mimshach (mim shakh’), meaning, ‘anointed’, ‘expansion’. This means an ‘anointing of expansion’. And it was this grace that unimaginable power was handed over to Lucifer to enable him carry out his duties in heaven.
Scary stuff though is that the Bible didn’t say if this anointing was then retrieved from him after he …you know, changed. It mostly wasn’t. So the Mimshach anointing thus became Lucipher’s ultimate weapon against God and his people.

It is also believed that Mimshach is the unique grace that brings manifestations and expansion. This anointing was the force behind the miracle ministry of Jesus and the same force that also worked in the lives of the prophets of the Old Testament.

So uhmm, if this anointing is still around and we agree that many of our so called Men of God are sorta, you know, fetish, why then should we not think that this Mimshach anointing, atleast the bad version of it, is largely in play in today’s christiandom?

6 thoughts on “Of this Mimshach Anointing

  1. We cannot experience light without darkness here on Earth. If we are admonished to ‘judge not, lest ye be judged,’ I suspect you know on some level that Lucifer assumed a duty most would shudder at and few would accept, were it asked of them. If we are to view things through a Biblical lens, that is. Thanks for the follow 😉

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