Why Do Tall People Walk Like That?

You ever noticed how tall people walk? Not referring to their long strides or slow motion movement, not the raised shoulders either. Its the way they walk like they’re under greater force of the earth’s gravity, head slightly bowed. Noticed that? Is it that the spinal cord is too long and then tilts as it happens with certain stretched-out objects? Can’t be.

I’m watching this really tall lady pacing in the hallway. Towering over everyone else. She’s waiting to meet with someone who’s apparently late and everyone here is eager to see who this late comer friend is. Yea, we’re humans and we can’t mind our business. She probably will lift the guy by one hand and have him dangling two-feet in the air. Who doesn’t want to see that? Probably not though.
I’ll miss watching this lady that looks like she’s closer to the moon than the rest of us. Actually, these tall people are closer to the moon than the rest of us. So the Moon’s gravity might be acting on them.
Unfortunately, i can’t wait around to see what happens cos my client just stepped out and we must leave the building.
What i ask though is, why do tall people walk like that?
I wish i was a tall person. Don’t look at me, i’m horizontally challenged, its my kids who seem like they’ll grow up to be Michael Jordan-ey. And its for their sake i’m asking.

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