Do Prayers Work?

An interesting conversation took place at a bar (where certain interesting talks do take place), recently and though the other guy was abit too, you know, heathen-like, he did make abit of sense. These were well educated young men. So i decided to record it for y’all. I couldn’t get all of it cos my battery was low. The guy was probably possessed by something dark (or maybe it was just the drink he’s been having) and couldn’t be trusted. But.

Here’s the convo:

Why all this fuss about prayer? It doesn’t seem to change anything. Something bad still ends up happening even after a vigorous prayer session by several people. I mean, the Chibok girls were kidnapped a short time after the different several day fasting and prayers held by many a church. And after they were kidnapped, the prayers haven’t brought them back.

That’s because, my dear Dayo, prayers don’t actually work.

They don’t?

Nope, they don’t. You see, prayers are just a way of making humans feel they have a higher power they can commune with.

So they don’t work? How about the ones that have worked?

Which ones?

The healing of the sick, blind and so on?

Do you really believe that stuff?

Why shouldn’t i?

Have you come across somebody who was blind? Or who was lame and prayer made ‘whole’?

Uhmm… Not yet

And you won’t.

So what’s that emptiness one feels when one quits their prayer routine for a while? You know that happens right?

That happens but it’s purely psycholgical. Your mind is tuned to certain things and they then work for you. When you don’t want it, it doesn’t. Its much the same way you don’t expect anything and then nothing comes when you quit paying your tithe just cos you’re tuned to the “without your tithe things will be tight” doctrine. Planes do end up crashing with its passengers praying don’t they? Why no answers? But if one person survives its a miracle and they’ll say his prayers were answered. But what about the others? The ones who died must have prayed too. So what exactly happened? Look man, it all just some way of directing our pain to something that really isn’t there. Its a Universal principle of give and take, believe and receive

That’s blasphemy!

Blas- what? Please! That’s what its called but is it really? So how’s it the guys who don’t waste their time praying are living a much happier life? How come those who always have something to pray about aren’t well off or simply more at peace?

Hmm, be careful what you let come out your mouth else face God’s wrath! Universal principle my butt! Who came up with the Universal principle?

Wrath? What wrath?!
You mind telling who you’ve seen suffering God’s wrath? i mean without using the bible. While you’re at that, want to tell me what you’ve prayed about that worked that wouldn’t have worked if you hadn’t prayed? Let me tell you something. All things! All things work in due time, you pray about it or not. That’s why prayers don’t work when you want them too. But ofcourse you’ll be told thing like ‘God’s time is the best’ and all that jazz. And i don’t know who came up with the Universal principle but its there

Its enough please, i don’t want to hear all these.

Ofcourse you don’t.

So here was where my battery ran flat.

Actually, this was a conversation with myself while i had a drink i probably shouldn’t have had. And i recorded it too. i don’t know why or how.

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