Why Mohammed?

I remember almost every example that was given in our English Language class as a kid in primary school and even up to secondary school made use of the name John . John was practically involved in everything that happened in life back then. You see, John was and indeed still is the guy who climbed the tree, who stole the meat and the guy who kicked the ball. He was either the younger or older brother to somebody less important. It was rarely Thomas, Phillip or Simon, John was the all round guy.
When the teacher wanted to site an example, he or she used John. When the teacher asked a random student to site an example, they used John.
John was so famous that he had to be put in a song, and just so the song would make more rhythm, Bull was added to his name. So the song went:

“JohnBull my son
i sent you to school
You don’t know how to spell your name”

They didn’t think to use a different name like say, Francis or Richard which clearly fits in the space JohnBull occupies.

So, yes, i was shocked when it hit me. You know that old saying that says “If Mohammed does not go to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammed”. Well, i was just thinking, why Mohammed? Why not John?
Who came up with that saying? That person clearly didn’t follow protocol.

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