I Still Had It

At the gate today we stood waiting for the security guard to let us in. He asked for a minute but it was already five. We were growing impatient, the sun seemed to be beefing me and we already parked the car. My acquaintance decided to open the gate. He opened it wide enough for us to see what the guard was up to, he was trying to chain the dog. The sudden sight of us made it break loose and it gunned for us. I probably would’ve stood my ground and just hurriedly shut the gate if the guard hadn’t screamed run! Oh well, i had to obey for those teeth weren’t exactly of a smile.

Every body Ben Johnson! Plus passersby on that street.
Before you could say the Ben Johnson sef, i was at the end of the street some 100 meters away my palms to my knees, laughing at the scenario we created.. Apparently the dog never got out, but who was waiting to see?
I didn’t break sweat, didn’t do some heavy breathing. I didn’t even feel the burn in my thighs – until much later.

Was i actuated by that overwhelming passion for the preservation of my life? That passion that turns stupidity into instinct, instinct into intelligence, intelligence into genius and a writer into an athlete. I don’t remember actually heading towards that point i got to, only that i got there. i did have my life flash before my eyes though. Or maybe it was just the sun playing tricks on me.

Thank God for Adrenaline, i never knew i still had it until yesterday when i needed it.

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