Footballers Are Actors! i think

I apologise beforehand as i will be offending some of my readers, especially the soccer fans. But i do have to write this post, its what this blog is for remember, my views?

Before i start though i’d like to point out that goalkeepers have been shown a number of times spitting unto their gloves and rubbing same together especially when faced with a penalty or free kick. You all must’ve seen this. So just why do their players then go to these goalkeepers for hugs or pats on the back when they should be avoiding them? Having the keepers spittle on every player on the pitch isn’t a tradition is it?

Anyway, i’ve observed a lot of play-acting in the game of football, especially the club tournaments. Yea, sue me.
Asides the faking of injuries or pain, the dives, asides the raising of hands even after they were infact guilty. Asides the suddenly started and suddenly ended fights, there’re certain mis-kicks and moves that one shouldn’t expect from these players who are supposed to be professionals, not even when they’re tired or frustrated.

I first started to have this observation when i followed the past World Cup tournaments. Not cos i was interested, just cos everyone else was following it. Its a beautiful game though. My bad but this soccer stars look more and more like wrestlers in WWF or is it WCW. When a game is full of drama it is called an interesting match and not a 90 minute clip as i think it is. The game is a big money spinner. So ofcourse there must be people who are observing the fans and market and giving them what they want or in other cases, what they weren’t expecting. Its called intrigue. How will the money be made if the fans aren’t entertained?
i might be wrong though, and i do hope that i am.
I was watching the final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid in the just concluded champions League, the second half of it. Every thing i predicted in that livingroom eventually happened. The Real Madrid players were pushing hard to score and since they couldn’t the opponents did some time wasting with every foul, elevating tension and ofcourse, time was extended till finally, Real Madrid scored – and three times more during extra time three times! There was the issue with the coach to add to the drama.
Its really like a well written script. With him, Ronaldo i mean, hugging that man (i learnt is his father) like that after the end of the game. A bit of love in the mix?

It seems more an entertainment than a competition.

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