Of that 2Face’s ‘Higher’ Video

Some already picture me as a conspiracy buff so i’l wear that cap once again and then go ahead with this.

I just saw the video for ‘Higher’ by 2Face Idibia. Its at first glance, impressive, the animation and all was superb, but then one who’s vast in knowledge of History, Religion, Myth and ofcourse, conspiracy theories will notice certain elements that depict certain symbolisms and blasphemy.
Spaceships are shown salvaging creatures from The Trinet, Three planets and civilizations that’s on the verge of destruction. These planets include Doom, which in several ways looks a lot like Hell fire, Pyramus, looking sorta like Egypt as the pyramids show, and Kayus, whose leader is a woman.

There are volcanic eruptions all over planet Doom with skulls littering the ground surface and the planet is ruled by a man with the inscription on his forehead of the image of horns. The Trinet, led by the king of Doom, decides to invade planet earth sort of how Superman had to leave Krypton for earth cos of the destruction there. Anyway, a wicked-stepmother-looking woman is sent to kill Tuface’s queen with a poisoned apple. Then, the king of Doom slashes Tuface’s throat with a sword as he stares on at his fallen queen. He then holds captive the leaders of Pyramus and Kayus.

What seemed like Tuface’s spirit then attacks the king of Doom and kills him and then it is clear that he’s resurrected, as he ascends to heaven like Jesus or Ra or Buddha, or whoever that guy in a futuristic white spacesuit is.

Kind of an unusual visual interpretation for a song so cool huh? And then at the end, the credit reads directed by Clarence Peters. I’m like Oh, that director is already known for coming up with scary and sinister videos that pass subliminal messages. I might be wrong in all this though, but i doubt that i am. Especially with all the videos flying around and throwing these kind of stuff all up in our faces.
What then was the video trying to pass? It didn’t in any way connect with the song, or did it?
I love Tuface, he looked good even in this video, but this video, hmm, there’s something there o.

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