Of All These Hummers In Monrovia

Of the many things that caught my attention since my arrival in Liberia its the sheer number of these huge, gas-guzzling, sweet-to-look-at automobiles called Hummers on the streets of Monrovia that takes close to center stage.

There’re are so many Hummers in Monrovia. Its almost like they’ve got one for every colour. Think of a colour, yup! they’ve got that. Think of another colour, yup, they’ve got that too.
The only other place you can find that many Hummers is, you guessed right, the USA. Well, i’m not sure if that guess is right, but anyway.

Its sorta like they’re manufactured here. But by that i do mean assembled. You don’t expect anything that big to actually be manufactured in africa do you? Just kidding.

There’re so many of them, it should be called Hummer City or something.

Oh well, i have to go before the owner of this Hummer starts to think i’m planning grand theft auto with his ride, i’ve been leaning on it and typing, you see.

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