My One Night Stand – ing up

So i had to spend the night in a friend’s apartment, we worked long and hard today and my place is still a long way off. He’s a nice guy, very nice, too nice. He’s gay. I don’t mean happy, i mean Gay. His bed is a normal-sized one, not the kind two men can lay on without body contact every now and then. I lay with my back to him in the spooning position, bad idea. Its like i’m inviting him to come tear a new hole in my arse. Though he hasn’t moved and seems to be fast asleep but my heart is in my throat all through. I sleep aligned to the edge of the bed far from him as possible. I sure can ward him off, i can even break his arm if need be but i hope it doesn’t come to that.
I find myself standing by the bed looking down at him. Looking for a sign, an elongation of some sort. I really didn’t know when i got up, it was reflex i guess. After what seemed like a long time he moves, opens his eyes and asks “why are you up?”
i’m like, “i’m thinking of a new concept for tomorrow, this directing thing no easy”.
He laughs and says to me, “come sleep jor fear fear, i no go touch you”.
I must have been standing a long time cos now my legs ache.

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