Really, Does It Change Anything?

I used to be a staunch critic of my nation’s president and his cohorts. I used to talk a lot about politics and how stupidly they(politicians) all act, how i often thought they walk around without their Cerebral Cortex, Cerebelum and Medula Oblongata. Of men and women having skulls full of Cerebral Fluid alone. That’s the M̷e̷d̷i̷c̷i̷n̷e̷ ̷m̷a̷n̷ Medical practitioner in me talking.
People with coconut water in their heads. But then i piped down, as i have just done cos i observed one thing.

This one thing i observed is the one question a friend just asked me. Does it change anything?

He asked me that question after i put up a picture of a nigerian living in the UK carrying a placard in protest of our government’s unbelievably low level of accountability. I explained that the action was necessary so that the government is aware they are being watched and can be tackled, even if from afar. Governments worldwide care less about what or how its citizenry feel. Protest all you want they’ll do that which they have decided to do. Wear placards on your teeth, stay in the sun all day, block access routes, takeover buildings, hurl stones. If they’ve agreed on it and signed it then its all a waste of time.
I am aware though that some societies are saner than others. So the governments in the sane lands tend to retrace their steps after a demonstration. This doesn’t mean they won’t find a way to carry out the initial idea later. But for that instance, they ‘listen’ to their citizens.

Where i’m from though, the e̷m̷p̷t̷y̷head niccur in charge and his boys will never listen, no matter what you do, protests don’t work here, e̷x̷c̷e̷p̷t̷ ̷m̷a̷y̷b̷e̷ ̷w̷e̷ ̷c̷o̷u̷l̷d̷ ̷g̷e̷t̷ ̷a̷ ̷c̷o̷u̷p̷l̷e̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷a̷b̷l̷e̷-̷b̷o̷d̷i̷e̷d̷ ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷j̷o̷b̷l̷e̷s̷s̷ ̷m̷e̷n̷ ̷t̷o̷ ̷k̷i̷d̷n̷a̷p̷ ̷t̷h̷e̷i̷r̷ ̷f̷a̷m̷i̷l̷e̷s̷ ̷a̷n̷d̷ ̷s̷e̷n̷d̷ ̷a̷ ̷r̷a̷n̷s̷o̷m̷ ̷n̷o̷t̷e̷. So its a hard place to live in.
If a nigerian were to set himself ablaze in protest(which i’m almost certain no nigerian will ever think of) the government will still not look our direction. So if we keep talking, it won’t change anything. So how about action? And by action i don’t mean prayers. We’ve prayed too much already. if i were God, i’d put the prayers of nigerians in an AOB file and attend to more serious requests.

I’m not proferring any solutions though. Y’all can figure it out yourselves. Its not like we all don’t know what should be done. I don’t want anyone saying i started stuff, but i’m ready to be a part of stuff. Get my s̷t̷u̷f̷f̷ drift?

2 thoughts on “Really, Does It Change Anything?

  1. Nice one bro , we have to stop talking . Way to go
    It begins with you n me , we are all part of the problem , and until we accept that fact , we aren’t going no where .


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