Of Illiterates and the Ebola scare

As i tried to follow world news from a fastfood restaurant as they went from the still missing plane, Afghanistan and on to the Picasso side of George Bush. They go on break to show some ads. As i watched, i was thinking why is Zenith Bank still using this advert on CNN? Its over 5years old. But then i saw the UBA ad, its over 10 years! There’s a man with an afro in a suit!! These banks are embarrassing us amongst the comity of respectable nations o. As if our federal government isn’t already doing a swell job proving to the world that they can outdo any corrupt government in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. I was thinking about the afro when the news returned and it read ‘Ebola toll tops 80 in West Africa’. The atmosphere around me became still. It was like they were just reminded of what’s happening in neighbouring Guinea and outskirts of Liberia. The waitress slowed down, the man to my right paused his chewing, the woman opposite me clasped her bag, and me, i just smiled. Yea, i smiled, not cos i’m Dr Evil or some nutjob like that but cos i’ve seen much worse reactions since the outbreak in this short time in Monrovia. In Liberia, seven Ebola deaths have been confirmed out of 14 suspected cases. I heard of someone receiving his $5 bill from a customer using a plier.
At a government building i was at a few days ago, everyone had gloves on, everyone except the the guy with the bad shoes carrying the trash outside.
At a tea shop some days before that a man coughed uncontrollably and three men got to their feet making ready to bolt. It later was confirmed he only choked on something he ate.
At a cyber cafe just yesterday, some folks looking at an accident victim online were rather pissed when one guy came and asked, ain na Ebola there?
The beaches are seeing fewer numbers of visitors. Nobody wants a swim in ‘Ebola water’. Now mosquitoes, flies and rat killers are selling fast. dis Abola menace na causing reeal problem hia in Laberia o said my neighbour just now.

So you see, the reaction in that place was very subtle. Maybe because there were several white folks having lunch and who better understood the Virus.
I’m not saying white folks are smart, take Josh for example, he’s the dumbest guy i ever met. He’s a disgrace to Canada and whitehood.

But i digress.

Or maybe they just felt the white didn’t and couldn’t have the virus so there was no need to show abit more panic.
Illiteracy is indeed a disease. People young and old, everyone believing what they want and causing great confusion in a land already saturated with other problems. Who will tell them?
I have spent my time, although i now see that time as not spent but wasted, on explaining to people that though the virus is real, the panic is uncalled for. My calls more like fell on the dust raised by people moving away fast.

With the presence of uncountable international organisations i was expecting the people to know better.

Speaking of knowing better, one top nigerian government official said nigeria was prepared with stockpiles of vaccines to fight the Ebola virus incase of outbreak in nigeria. Now i wonder where they got the vaccines when presently there isn’t a cure. They probably want to be the biggest lying government in the Galaxy too.

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