Of Towels and Roommates

So i was drying myself after a 30-minute shower lastnight. Yea, i was wasting water. As i dried my face i said to my self.

I said self, are you aware of where this particular part of your towel has been?

I thought about it a while then i was like this might as well be the same part i dried my butt with. And i dried my nuts too! And i’ve put that all up on my face!!

Then it dawned on me, i once shared towels with my roommate back in the university. And also with my girlfriends whenever they came over for night class. Structural Geology was a tough subject. *clears throat

I can only imagine how many people have dabbed their faces with other people’s butts. And i pity all the players out there who bring their catch home till morning.

Next time someone calls you buttface, just smile and be like you too man.. you too.
We’re all just walking around with bits of ours and peoples privates clinging to our faces.

See you later buttface!

Photo Courtesy of : yellowtennessee.com

Enjoy these songs by Teeblinks: http://t.co/Xl2fKxPehr DUPE is my favourite.

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