Of these Sliding Windows

In the days i’ve lived in Monrovia, i’ve longed for one thing and one thing only, an apartment without noisy neighbours. No, not a meet with the president, not even a full day at the prestigious Golden Beach. But an apartment without noisy neighbours!
After spending all that time on location and on one’s feet, a good shut-eye and back for ground should be relished especially with Yanni playing in the background. But when that sleep time is often truncated by noise from the next apartment housing loud parents with kids who have no idea what night-time means, i often feel like i should fire two warning shots into their living room. If only the gun wasn’t imaginary. So bad its been that i feel i’m in a vacuum when they’re suddenly quiet. But then i’m startled back to reality when somebody bursts into a hysteric laughter or a kid screams.

Eventually, i set out in search of another, more conducive place of abode. I find one – a good one, with running water, electricity, and a good view. One step into the space and i’m welcomed by an ambience similar to that ten feet from hell. The first thought to cross my mind was it’ll be a disaster if i happen to fart here. Yea, that was my first thought. The second thought was how hot will it then be if i move in my property?

I relay my thoughts to the caretaker to the side of me (not the fart thought though), then he proceeded to open the windows. Ten minutes later the difference wasn’t much. There were sliding windows, those kinds that block off half the path of the air flow into a room.
I’ve experienced those before back in Lagos. The people believe they’re innovative. They add some kind of sophistication to the building, especially the mirror-like types with the Sepia reflection.
People quickly replaced their old windows with this new one. They want to move with the times i guess.
But people don’t consider what happens within these buildings. If you don’t have an air conditioner or fan that ofcourse is powered by the state or your generator, you will have to endure half the cross-ventilation.
Moving with the trends sometimes isn’t a good idea.
So i’m moving on with my apartment search. An apartment with good ol’ louvers. i might never find it, but i prefer not to look half baked everytime i leave the house.

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