Long time coming

I have never been away from blogging for this long. Over one month! i know i was surely missed. No? i wasn’t? Well, i thought…
Anyway, in the time i was AWOL, i have been in and out of four countries. Seen life from a different perspective. Learnt to relate with people with a more careful approach. Learnt to read in-between the lines, to take nuances seriously. Learnt to shut my blow-hole and turn down offers for a free meal, especially from a woman. And i’ve seen that fashion means different things to different people. Its like different country different sense. Fashion Police needs to see what i’ve seen.
I’ve seen beautiful lands, warm people. I’ve seen a whole nation bask in its visionlessness.

Though i miss my country, i’m not in a hurry to get back to her. i do not intend to talk about the happenings there, not the terrorism and certainly not the politicking. But mehn! i can’t wait to be with my family. They are more precious than i first imagined.

I’m so glad to be blogging again. Still surprised to find i got more visitors in my absence. I’m hoping my experiences haven’t removed something from me though.

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