Our Brand of Christianity

Earlier today, this lady started singing christian songs and people joined in, i was surprised at this and i don’t know why, maybe because i was expecting them to be irritated by the sudden disturbance. Anyway, this boosted her to sing more songs even louder and more people joined in. Then she switched to prayers, you can trust nigerians, ‘amen!’ filled the space in between. But then the prayer was getting too long and i noticed fewer people had their eyes closed as more people proceeded to get distracted by the goings-on in traffic.

By the time she was done, i was smiling. It was just amusing. My smile quickly faded as she insisted that all the sinners in the bus “surrender their lives to Christ”. It was in the way she said it, some sort of awkward authority. And not just i noticed.

Its like when a pastor starts to bind a certain evil spirit from a possesed body and he utters something that makes the spirit be like ‘ah ah, cool down na, u don pas ur boundary’.

pray dis praya afta me…but fest sing dis song afta me. At this i scuffed, what is the after me thing? Why don’t you just tell them to pray on their own for the forgiveness of sins?

Well, as expected, nobody sang the ‘come into my heart’ song with her and nobody prayed the prayer with her. Atleast not to my hearing, and i have good ears.

In the end, it was all silent, and i realised how much noise she had been making.
It was clear that our christians are content with prayers and songs but their lives should be theirs.

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