Lady For Sale

I’ve come across many ladies who have placed themselves as adverts consciously or otherwise on social media. These ladies look like mannequins in showrooms, only not showing the clothes and accessories but the body itself. The physique, colour and the whole nine yards on display for potential suitors(buyers) who are often just wolves looking for a vulnerable sheep to devour.

Several reasons are given for this development, the most used surely is the “i’m getting too old and must marry soon” reason, there’s also the “i don’t have a man in my life” and the “i need a new man” reason.
Go on social media, what you’d see amongst countless photos of ladies in different poses – and pouts – is a bit of a cause for concern.
So because a lady feels that she’s getting older and should be in the “relationship zone” and not out of it, she wants, or as she would insist, needs to get a man – any man that shows the slightest interest in her.

These ladies, even good looking ones, feel that having to showcase themselves like this is a sure way of meeting the man of their dreams. They often get the man of their bad-dreams as should be expected when just any man is granted access into their lives.

I personally think these ladies are selling themselves cheap. They can as well wear a placard over their bodies with the inscription Lady For Sale. But that would cover the merchandise body wouldn’t it?

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