We’re fine without it, thank you!

So western countries are pissed off cos our president decided to pass the anti-gay law despite pressure not to. Let me say that this is about the only thing he’s put all his might into and the only one thing he’s ever done that has endeared many nigerians to him since the “i had no shoes” era. If he put half of that vigour into killing corruption in the country, nigeria would be a great nation. Yea, the president said he passed the bill because that’s what the people of nigeria want. He totally ignored the other things that we want, like; Electricity, food security, and crooked politicians hanging from poles stuck up their butt holes.

The new anti-gay law in Nigeria has drawn widespread criticism and the country is being threatened with severe actions such as a halt in Aid.
My thought is, It’d be great if this Aid can be stopped. Looking at this issue critically, like i always do, nigeria doesn’t really need aid. Nigeria has the highest population of black people, she has Africa’s richest man and Africa’s richest woman. The highest number of private jets in one country. Senators and governors who earn more than the president of the United States and probably his cabinet.
Besides, all that aid from time past never trickled down to the people at the grassroots, we hear about it on television and that’s it.

Someone please tell the president to attend to more pressing matters so we won’t have to be in such a situation.

Also tell him to wipe that grin off his face, nothing’s funny here.

Nope, we don’t need foreign aid. We’re fine without it, thank you!

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