Noisemakers in transit

I recall when i worked with a popular bank on the Lagos island. Notice i used the word ‘with’ not ‘for’. And i say its a popular bank cos some banks are just far from that, take Wema bank for instance, when was the last time you heard of Wema bank? Last time i heard was ‘Weemaa bank, Wema bank, reaching for greateer heiiiiiights!’ Remember that song? Sad that they never reached that greater height.

But i digress…
During my time there, not Wema o, i mean the popular bank, i’d join the bus shuttle provided by the company to take me to the bus stop nearest my house on the mainland. There was this guy who made it a habit to always talk loudly while the rest of us just wanted to rest our tired bodies and snore with our mouths open and facing traffic. This guy would talk and talk. It was like he waited for the bus ride to show his talent. It was his stage and he loved it, sadly, many others didn’t.
All buses have that one person who talks abit too loudly and abit too much. Believe me when i say all buses have them, only thing required to identify them is a trigger. Could be a serious accident on the road or an overzealous Gala seller, whatever the trigger is, be sure that that person would start blabbing away.
Funny, and at the same time, sad thing is that they don’t realize they’re disturbing the peace of others. When you decide to give them that “interesting but do quiet down” look, they tend to read it all wrong. They immediately assume you’re enjoying their gist, then face you, give that awkward laugh you have to politely respond to, and they then talk even louder.
Some are so loud that passengers get forced off the bus, even before reaching their bus stops. That’s when you witness situations like:

Passenger: “conductor, Shogunle wa o!” (Trans: conductor, let me get off at Shogunle bus stop).

Conductor: Shogunle ke? Shebi Oshodi le sope e nlo? (Trans: why Shogunle? i thought you were going to Oshodi?)

Passenger: e ma wori, e ja mi si Shogunle jare. (Never mind, just let me off at Shogunle bustop)

Its that bad.

2 thoughts on “Noisemakers in transit

  1. very true Dayo, i have actually gotten down before my bus stop on two different occasions. Awon alariwo, elejo wewe (noise makers, petty talkers)


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