I Hate Suits!

I’ve got a presentation to make at a reputable organization in a few days time. Obviously, i’d be expected to appear as a professional, meaning i should be clad in clothing acceptable in the corporate world. Even as i would want to be addressed appropriately, i just might show up in a native attire, or tees and chinos, or the much closer corporate shirt and trouser (or whatever its called).
This is because, well, I HATE SUITS!! i have never fancied the idea of being choked up in a suit. i feel like i’m wearing a strait jacket. Some guys look real good in a suit. Shiny and all. Like robots.

When you wear a suit, especially the new designer ones, its even harder to scratch your head or to bend over to pick something up without ripping the clothing somewhere. Oh, it won’t rip? Well, i didn’t know. But i do know that ones movements are too restricted when in a suit. With some designs, when the wearer raises both hands above the head, the suit, well, follows suit by coming up to ones face. Watisdat!?

Not forgetting its hard to breath in one, know how you always have to take a deep breath after you’re fully dressed in one. It just chokes the life out mahn! And in this weather??

In a suit, one just looks like a robot. Add on a pair of dark shades and a stoic look and voila! there you have it, a living, breathing robot!
i might not have a choice but to have to wear one and this makes me totally irked.
i don’t know jare, i’m confused. Or i could wear track suits, they’re also suits right?

3 thoughts on “I Hate Suits!

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