Firebrand schools and dumber kids

Have you observed lately that many Private schools, both secondary and primary, devote more time to prayer and worship songs during assembly and before the start of extra-curricular activities? Its almost like its been added to the school’s Curriculum.

Went with a friend to drop his kids at school. We got there late because the typical Nigerian Trunk B road turned a five minute drive into a twenty minute one. I won’t put all the blame on the road though, he spent too much time choosing the best necktie to go with his suit. I hate suits! But i digress…

We got into the school compound only to hear screams. The kids were praying at the top of their little voices MFM-style. Toddlers shaking their heads and throwing punches. I decided to move in slow motion so i could witness more of this and behold, after this was a song which required they clapped theirs hands and stamped their feet. They all knew the song. As we got into the car after being assured his kids won’t be punished, i heard screams of ‘aameeeen!’. While he saw nothing to it, i on the other hand, as usual, thought it was rather awkward.
From other experiences, i gathered that pastors a.k.a Men of God, are often invited to counsel and most times, conduct deliverance services for these children. Prayer points are often same as the ones in church deliverance programs but sometimes, not most, involving academic success. The same academic success that’s gotten through helping the kids cheat or cheating on their behalf. So what then is the use? What’s the use of prayer points such as ‘O God, open my brain, and let my books enter!’ Or ‘You my head, you must know book!’ if the parent(s) have an agreement with the teacher(s) to have the child’s grades boosted. What’s the use?

And then, when the pastor is done, the kids are instructed to stretch their hands towards him and pray for him for praying for them which is what he should’ve prayed for before coming to pray for them without expecting to be prayed for.
Only thing missing here is offering time.

What’s the use if these teachers speak terrible english and use derogatory terms in class? Have you noticed they no longer teach Moral Instruction in schools? Isn’t that what the kids need?

Isn’t it rather unnecessary and unfair to steal their joy of childhood by involving them in spiritual warfare? We weren’t put through that as kids and we aren’t dead now because of it are we?

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