The word ‘Dayum’ is a more emphasized version of the word “damn ” when it is used in the same way. You must’ve heard it being used by african american characters in hollywood movies. i recall that my friend, Wole, used to say it back in school and i’d just laugh so hard that i coughed. Picture Chris Talker say it and you’d laugh your head off. Not literarily.

i was watching my favourite channel, SonyMax, when one of my favourite shows came on. Its a collection of crazy videos from around the world. The best piece was of this guy called Big Daym, who while sitting in his car, decided to talk to his camera about how wonderful he thought his burger was. He then posted his seven-minute-long video review of ‘Five Guys’, the name of the popular burger chain, on Youtube. That was in April, 2012.

His video was as entertaining as his meal was satisfying, but he had no idea his video would get a remix from the brilliant artists known as the Gregory Brothers.
The remix of Big Daym’s Five Guys review, also known as “Oh My Dayum,” was on Youtube for one day, when it achieved viral status. The clip has nearly 30,000 likes and more than 423,000 views in the 24 hours it was posted online. It now has over 230,000 likes and 18million views! Dayum!
i just had to share it cos its totally hilarious! And a brilliant work from the Gregory Brothers.

Its something like the ‘My oga at the top video remix’.

The “Oh My Goodness, Oh My Dayum” video is embedded somewhere on this page. That’s if you can find it. Its my first time posting a video so i might’ve done something wrong.
Or you could just type ‘dayum’ on Youtube and get to laugh your head off. Not literarily.

This is just to see if i can post a video. If it turns out that i can, i’d sure be like ‘dayum!’ If i can’t, then the simple ‘damn’ will have to do.

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