Pray For Nigeria

Let us pray for our dear country. With all that’s happening in our land, the only solution is prayer.

Let us pray the same way America prayed. Pray the same way Britain prayed. Let us pray to our different Gods for help, for prayer alone can rescue us from the mess we all are in. Singapore, China and Malaysia are but a few countries that prayers have put on the world map. They were poor countries with corrupt rulers, but that was before they prayed to God to save them and today they are all “small londons”. Wait, they are even better than London.
Remember that South Africa also prayed its way out of the apartheid regime. We all are witnesses to the death of the head prayer warrior very recently and how the world stood still for him.

We should not be wary. We shall find solace in our places of worship. When we go in anger and dismay to church services, what do our church heads say to us? they tell us to “pray for our leaders”, so, let us continue to pray. We obviously haven’t been praying well enough. Recall many years ago that many a G.Os told us that President Jonathan was the messiah nigeria desperately needed? Many years down the line and things have only gotten from bad to worse, but this is solely because of the demons at work that we have refused to pray fervently against.

Let’s stop the other tactics in a bid to salvage the nation. Also stop the name-calling. Its unfair to call this administration names when we can just pray for them. But really, why should anyone in their right minds call this irresponsible government names like say, an irresponsible government? Why? Name-calling has never solved anything. Prayer has.
Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer. Let’s emulate that. When the traders gathered their wares at the temple and turned into a market place, what did Jesus do? He was so raged that he prayed in anger.

As we move deeper into 2014, let’s not forget that “prayer is the master key”.

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