Of New Year’s Resolutions

So i was on the balcony watching the fireworks at midnight. Nope, i didnt go to church, cos i didn’t want to miss the sight. And trust me, from that vantage point, it was worth it. The Lagos skyline was covered in explosions and fluttering down of fireworks. Beautiful! And as i watched in awe i thought to myself, ‘these guys are ruining the ozone layer’.

Anyway, at that point and around it, millions of people worldwide start to make their new year’s resolutions. Normally, this resolutions are to be adhered to, but usually they aren’t. They’re just made every year by people who aren’t really ready to change. People all over the place wanting to quit smoking, lose weight, get married, get more money and all that set these goals either mentally or write them down on paper but soon the paper is lost and the mental note forgotten – until the end of that year. Some do remember though, but they postpone action continously till they can blame something or someone else.

Y’all should just quit and live your lives. Or be serious about changing it.

If you want to change, then you need to be specific about what needs to be changed or what needs to be done to achieve that look or status you dream of.
If you want to lose weight, be specific about how much weight you want to or need to shed. You want to be financially stable then be specific about how much you have to save every week or month.
You want to get married, do what you need to do to get noticed and appreciated.

Don’t just pray, pray and pray! You did too much of that last year with little needed action.
How about this time around, you ACT!!
Otherwise there’s just going to be a revolution of resolutions again.

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