The three out of forty seven wise men

Most people think there were three wise men in the christmas story, i’d like to think there were forty seven. But when the star first appeared nine of them said “its just a big star, probably a triple conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. It can be explained scientifically. Maybe its even a UFO, we see a lot of those these days. It doesn’t mean anything, unless you follow it of course. But that’ll mean stupid of us o”.
Another seven said the journey sounded interesting but they couldn’t get involved, “some other time jare, its too close to christmas to be travelling to see the saviour of the world”.

The rest set off…

Twenty one gave up on the way. They thought it should be a metaphorical journey and not an actual one. Journey of the soul or something of the sort.

After months of travelling, those who kept going until they got to a King Herod who was like the Al Capone of the area. So when they told the King that there were looking for a new born king and they saw the look on Al Ca…i mean King Herod’s face, four of the wise men took off. They said it was getting complicated with too many kings involved and someone was bound to get hurt. Those who remained were confused, but persevered and travelled on, though farther than initially planned before finding the baby in a manger. Another two wise men got disgusted at the state they found him and left. They said it wasn’t how they imagined it to be. Nervously, the remaining wise men got out there presents and said “for you oh new born king, here’s Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold”, this pissed off one more wise man who yelled as he left “its Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh! You have to say it in that order!”.

Now, there really were other gifts but the wise men were a bit too generous on the way there.

Eventually, the ones who remained bowed to the baby king and offered their gifts, and then something in them changed, the twinkle in the stars became a twinkle in their eyes. As they left, they did in a different direction and were a different people.

When they got home there were many questions of course; “what was it like? Where’s the baby now? “He’s alive and well”, they replied, “he’s not a baby anymore sef.”

We still don’t get it, the others said, “Why did you think you were so wise, why did you take it all so literarily? What were you guys high on?

Camels they replied, we were high up on Camels.


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