is the USA amongst the worst countries in the world?

i was watching this documentary lastnight and ofcourse will share what i saw. it tried to prove that the United States of America isn’t as great as its often projected especially by its media.

People flock to US because it is better than their lands. Sure, a lot of people immigrate to the USA. But they immigrate to Europe, too; especially from Africa and Middle East. But how many people immigrate to the USA from Sweden, Finland, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway? Not many i assure you. Reason: these countries have a better social standard than USA could ever imagine.
Here’s why, in a way, agree with the documentary. i’ll be summerising of course.

“Mainstream media is feeding us a great lie” the narrator said. “On all key indicators, the US is one of the most underpreviledged countries. A ranking was carried out amongst western countries and here’s what they gathered:

On HEALTH, including Infant Mortality, Hospital Bed per population and survival past middle age. America ranks 28 out of 30 countries ranked. Turkey is 29th and Mexico comes last.

In terms of PUBLIC SAFETY, the US is the most dangerous place to live, the most HIV, Drug Abuse and violence in the west. It ranks 30th!

On GENEROSITY, America might seem like the most generous country but in actual fact its the meanest. It hosts the least asylum seekers, the worst enviromental damage home and abroad and the least foreign aid.

On FREEDOM, “Land of the free…”, is nothing of the sort. Its ranked 28 after S.Korea and Mexico. America has more curruption than Uraguay and Barbados. It has the lowest proportion of women in politics, ranked 167 on Human Rights, and also holds, by far, the largest number of prisoners.

On FAMILY, its ranked 30th. Even as the country seems like one that takes family seriously as potrayed in movies, the US has the least parents living together, and offers the lowest Child Benefits.

And in terms of ECONOMY, America isn’t so strong. It has been overrun by China. And the gap between the rich and poor has reached its highest since the Great Depression.
A stunning 92% of its citizens have obviously had enough as they say in a survey carried out along all social and political lines that they want the Swedish model of Income Equality. The US is the wealthiest but not close to the happiest country in the world.
While nations like Denmark, Norway and Sweden give generous benefits to its people, including 14 months of paid maternity leave! Lesotho, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland and USA give mothers nothing!

i don’t know the extent to which this is true but it does look close to reality.


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