Ageing reversal coming soon?

Mice have become the first creatures to experience the ‘Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ for real, as Australian and American scientists have managed to literally reverse their ageing process. And they say humans could be next in line.
Good news indeed! i can’t wait to not get old.
The discovery is centered on a compound that targets and reverses muscle aging, building up muscle tone and reducing inflammation and giving mice more energy. Likewise, resistance to insulin was targeted, adding diabetes to an already impressive list of age-related diseases that could soon be fought, like neurodegenerative conditions and cancers.

The research was tested on 6-month-old and 22-month old mice, comparing first how aging occurred in general, then testing the new compound on the older mice to see if the “youth potion” worked.
And it did work.

Professor Sinclair was astonished, telling Cell that “the mice had more energy, their muscles were as though they’d be exercising and it was able to mimic the benefits of diet and exercise just within a week.”

As a result, human trials appear not to be far off.

“We think that should be able to keep people healthier for longer and keep them from getting diseases of aging,” Sinclair continued, adding that the diseases we have come to expect of old age have been drastically reversed in mice: muscle atrophy dropped, and so did inflammations – which lead to arthritis. And the most important muscle in the body – the heart – simply reversed in age as a result.
They would like to make the compound available commercially soon. This means in the near future we can’t wait for our foes to die of old age, we’ll just have to feed them poison. Or the more effective gun-shot to the head. Na play i dey o.


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