Cool Hidden Meanings in Some Company Logos

A company or brand logo is more than it first appears, sometimes. Sometimes its just a play of colour, shapes and letters that turn out to be rather appalling. Especially a yoruba company logo. Other times it these, cool ideas.
Sorry, i couldn’t find any naija logo with such ingenius concept.


Do you see the right half of a smiley face? Or do you see a lower case “g”? In either case, you’d be correct.

That yellow arrow is more than just a decorative swoosh. The Amazon logo was created to represent the message that it sells everything from A to Z (the arrow connects the two letters) and also represents the smile that customers would experience by shopping on the Web site (the arrow becomes a smile).


Can you spot something in this logo? The FedEx logo, designed in 1994 by Linden Leader & Landor Associates, at first appears simple and straightforward. However, if you look at the white space between the “E” and “x” you can see a right-facing arrow. This “hidden” arrow was intended to be a subliminal symbol for speed and precision.


Here’s one we’re very familiar with. According to Unilever, its new identity is an expression of vitality. Each icon within the logo represents an aspect of its business. For example, the shirt (below the heart) symbolizes “clothes” and represent fresh laundry and looking good.

Families and Marriage

The “i’s” in Families and the mirrored “R’s” in Marriage visually symbolize both relationships simply and quite effectively too doesn’t it?

Sun Microsystems

Sun’s logo – which features four interleaved copies of the word “sun” -was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt of Stanford University. It is an Ambigram(a typographical design or artform that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction or orientation). It appears to stand on one corner.

Northwest Airlines

This here is another work of genius. It is an N; it is a W; it is a compass pointing toward the northwest.


In 2005, as part of its 60th anniversary celebration, Baskin-Robbins launched a new brand identity. The new logo was intended to “capture the fun and energy of Baskin-Robbins.” In the old logo, the number “31” appeared within a simple arc, suggestive of a scoop of ice cream, and next to the name. In the new logo, you can see that the “31” still exists. It is now formed by the pink portion of the ice cream store’s two initials: “B” and “R”.

Big Ten Conference

Founded in 1896, the Big Ten Conference is a union of world-class academic institutions who share a common mission of research, graduate, professional and undergraduate teaching and public service. From approximately 1949 until 1990, the Big Ten consisted of 10 member schools. Then, on June 4, 1990, it added Pennsylvania State University into the Conference. The “Big Ten” name stayed the same, but a logo was crafted to reference this addition by planting a number “11” in the negative space. Look closely at the blue space surrounding the letters “G” and “T” in the left logo.

Our indigenous companies should atleast try and give us these types of awe-striking ideas. We want something more than the white box in GTbank logo or the Camel in Leadway Assurance logo.


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