The world’s many virgin births

So during sermon today the pastor kept going on and on about how Jesus Christ is the true one because he was the only one who was born of a virgin. And you know me, i was constantly being pushed to counter the man of God. Ofcourse i couldn’t do that though, so i decided to say what i thought of the notion on here, my blog, where i’m free to give my views.
Abeg note that i’m not insinuating anything o, cos you people sometimes eh.
i’d like to point out that history is blessed with several men thought to be born of virgins, (virgin birth is not unique and exclusive to Christianity).A truth and simply cos it doesn’t go down well with some, doesn’t make it any less of a fact.

You should, also, understand that all were born of virgins and all were crucified and all resurrected. So how many men were there historically before Jesus?
There was;

1) Orisha Aje: who was said to have come to the world for the sole purpose of redeeming humanity from sin, He was called Orisha Imole(deity of light), The Redeemer, etc.
The account also said he was the only Orisha after Orunmila himself who raised up the dead.
He was crucified and and later rose to the heavens

2) Krishna: In Hinduism and Indian mythology Krishna is the eighth avatar or reincarnation of the god Vishnu. One of the most widely revered and most popular of all Indian divinities. Krishna was born of a chaste virgin called Devaki, Who on account of her purity was selected to become the mother of God.

3) Codom: The Siamese had a god reffered to as saviour who was Virgin Born whom they called Codom. In this very ancient story, the beautiful Virgin had been informed in advance that she was to become the mother of a great messenger of God, and one day while in her usual period of meditation and prayer, she was impregnated by divine sun beams. When the boy was born, he grew up in a remarkable manner, became a protégé of wisdom and performed miracles.

4) Attis: was the consort of Cybele in Phrygian and Greek mythology. Attis was born on December 25th of the Virgin Nana. He was considered the savior who was slain for the salvation of mankind. His body as bread was eaten by his worshippers. His priests were “eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven.” He was both the Divine Son and the Father. On “Black Friday,” he was crucified on a tree, from which his holy blood ran down to redeem the earth. He descended into the underworld. After three days, Attis was resurrected. Later the priests found Attis’ grave opened and empty.

5) Gautama Buddha: Traditional biographies of Gautama generally include numerous miracles, omens, and supernatural events. The character of the Buddha in these traditional biographies is often that of a fully transcendent and perfected being who is unencumbered by the mundane world. In the Mahāvastu, over the course of many lives, Buddha is said to have developed supramundane abilities including: a painless birth conceived without intercourse; no need for sleep, food, medicine, or bathing, although engaging in such “in conformity with the world”; omniscience, and the ability to “suppress karma”. Buddiah healed the sick and fed 500 from a small basket of cakes and even walked on water. He came to fulfill the law and preached the establishment of a kingdom of righteousness and obliged followers to poverty and to renounce the world. He transfigured on a mount. Died (according to some traditions, on a cross), buried but rose again after tomb opened by supernatural powers. Ascended into Nirvana. Will return in later times to judge the people.

6) Ra: was also conceived by a Virgin.

7) Plato: He was believed to be a divine son of a pure virgin called Perictione.

8) Lao-Tsze: A heathen religion was reported by the first Jesuit priest that visited China, they told a story of a redeeming saviour who was born of a Virgin and was divinely conceived, his name was Lao-Tsze and was said to have been born of a dark skinned virgin who was very beautiful.

9) Horus: He was known to all of ancient Egypt as having been born of the virgin Isis and his conception and birth was considered one of the three great mysteries or mystical doctrines of the Egyptian religion. To then every incident in connection with the conception and birth of Horus was pictured, sculptured, adored and worshiped.

10) Dionysus: Born of a Virgin, placed in a manger. He was a traveling teacher who performed many miracles. He also turned water into wine. Followers ate sacred meal that became the body of the god. He rose from the dead. Identified with the ram and lamb’s and was called “King of Kings,” “Only Begotten Son,” “Savior,” “Redeemer,” “Sin bearer,” “Anointed One,” the “Alpha and Omega.”

11) Heracles: Born at the winter equinox of a virgin who refrained from sex with her until her god-begotten child was born and was sacrificed at the spring equinox. He too, was called “Savior,” “Only begotten,” “Prince of Peace,” “Son of Righteousness.”

12) Osiris: He came to fulfill the law. Called “KRST,” the “Anointed One.” Born of the virgin Isis-Meri on December 25th in a cave(manger), with his birth announced by a star and attended by three wise men. Earthly father named “Seb” (translates to “Joseph.” At age 12 he was a child teacher in the Temple and at 30 he was baptized, having disappeared for 18 years. Osiris was baptized in the river Iarutana — the river Jordan — by “Anup the Baptizer,” who was beheaded. (Anup translates to John.) He performed miracles, exorcised demons, raised El-Osiris from the dead. Walked on water and was betrayed by Typhon, crucified between two thieves on the 17th day of the month of Athyr. Buried in a tomb from which he arose on the third day (19th Athyr) and was resurrected. His suffering, death, and resurrection celebrated each year by His disciples on the Vernal Equinox — Easter. Called “The Way, the Truth, the Light,” “Messiah,” “god’s Anointed Son,’ the “Son of Man,” the “Word made Flesh,” the “word of truth.” Expected to reign a thousand years.

There are about over 900 more of these gods with their similar stories. i can’t put down all that.

But i just thought of a question: Do people come up with similar stories that vary based on culture or is this a trickery by the devil as the virgin birth had been prophesied long before Jesus was born and so the devil thought it wise to use the concept to deceive people by arranging his own virgin births aplenty?

i can guess your answer. Can you guess mine?


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