Why fear a friendly man?

Just the other day, I boarded a cab. The cab driver is the nicest i’ve met till date. He engaged me in hearty conversation from start till stop of the car engine. We talked about everything from politics to music-Old skool music. His name, i forget, yea, he told me his name and more. At that moment, he seemed like the best nigerian i ever met. But in all i was scared. Something sinister seemed to be locking somewhere around. i found myself looking around the car interrior more than once. i don’t know what exactly i was looking for, maybe a gap in the back seat a fellow armed-robber or kidnapper of his would reveal himself from. Maybe a charm hanging from a string. Even when he used his white handkerchief i got scared again.

i got to my stop and hesitated before i got off – i didn’t want to leave him. i tipped him an extra 50naira and he waved to me. We said goodbye and i watched him drive off.
Why did i have this fear? The fellow was a bit too nice, too jolly, too good to be true. And many have learnt from experience that when a person has even one of these traits then caution should be exercised.

Not just in Nigeria of course. I’ve learnt from movies and documentaries that psycopaths and serial killers are described as “nice people” by their neighbours, friends or colleagues.

Hence, the basis of my fear. Its normal right?


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