The high-libido men of Ekiti state

I woke up this morning to news of a goat giving birth to a human-like creature. Na wa o, isn’t this like the hundreth time a human-like creature will be born of an animal? And before this was the news of a 45yr old man who molested a 75yr old woman, before then was a middle-aged man who raped a 13yr old girl to death, and yet before then was that of 5 men that raped a 14-year-old. And an elderly man who molested a girl.
The sad stories reoccur again and again.

Now back to the most recent one. Although, there is no photograph to back it up, its probably more than just hearsay as many reputable newspapers are carrying the news. it must be true.
This one happened on Tuesday at Olori-Oko community, Ogotun Ekiti in Ekiti Southwest Local Government Area of Ekiti State.
As usual residents of the community and people from the neighbouring villages trooped out to catch a glimpse of the strange creature. And i’m sure pictures were taken. Abi no phones in that part of Ekiti state?
Anyway, it does look to me like one of the bad boys, or men, succumbed to pressure and fancied a goat some five months ago. Since a goat’s gestation period lasts five months from mating to kidding. So if anyone noticed any suspicious activity back then, he or she should speak up.
Let the Oba or whoever summon the entire town to the town hall. The gist says the baby goat’ has human look, hair, head and female genitals. So there we go, someone just had a kid! A goaty baby girl. Plus, the creature could resemble its father sef. So line all the men up!

Ekiti men aren’t known for hitting anything that walks but it seems in recent times they have let their libido get the worst of them.


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