of the ‘Mysterious Healing pool’ in Enugu

By now, news of the healing river that was discovered in Nachi Oji, Enugu state is all over the place. Its even been named ‘Orimiri Jordan’ meaning River Jordan..River Jordan?? *sigh..and as expected, it has become some sort of Pilgrimage spot attracting people from all over the east and indeed, Nigeria. It is also nicknamed the ‘Pool of Bethsaida’. Na wa o.

The height of our superstitions must shock even the Greeks.

Well, according to the fulani herdsmen who discovered it, on their way back from taking their cattle grazing, hopefully, they beheld an area they had earlier passed covered with water. An elderly man, who’s said to be the oldest man in the community insisted that the pool appears every 20 or 30 years and that this pool was first noticed in 1971.

Now the issue on ground is that various diseases are said to have been cured at the pool. Plenty testimonies plus true, plus lie are being given as Nigerians struggle to immerse themselves in it.

Its no miracle lake though, i want to believe i’m not the only one who believes this. A knowledge of Geography or Geology will tell you that this is just another natural phenomenon. There’s most likely a fissure(crack) that acts as a conduit for the passage of water in and out to the surface. Think about that before you start to pack your bags.

Get this, sometime in May 2007, a glacial lake in southern Chile, 100 feet deep and covering an area around five acres disappeared. Located in Bernardo O’Higgins Park, in the southern Andes mountains, the lake is (was) rarely visited and didn’t even have a name. When Chilean forestry officials arrived, they were surprised to find nothing more than “chunks of ice on the dry lake-bed and an enormous fissure” where the unnamed lake had once been.
For some lakes, rapidly appearing or disappearing is part of a natural process. The lake in Chile did not exist 30 years ago. Some lakes, including many in Alaska and Florida’s Lake Jackson, USA, go through a similar process regularly, disappearing and reappearing during certain seasons, or from year-to-year or decade-to-decade. Could be global warming or some other phenomenon. But its no miracle.

people carrying cans to tap from the miracle water. brisk business for okada men.

people carrying cans to tap from the miracle water. brisk business for okada men.

Many bodies of water undergo natural cycles of disappearance and reappearance. And people around the world attribute this to miracles.

Amazed people in the Russian village of
Bolotnikovo looked on as the Beloye Lake that disappeared overnight in the spring of 2005 reappeared in 2006.
A tractor driver from the village suggested, and many villagers supported the theory that extraterrestrials that stole water from the lake. They often observed some reddish light resembling a searchlight that originated from the area where the lake used to be.
Researchers studying the history of the region also say there is some mystery about vanishing of the lake. They add that the Beloye Lake first disappeared several centuries ago.

Several industrial disasters have also made lakes disappear or appear. Lake Peigneur in Louisiana, USA, represents one of the most infamous of these cases. It was only 11 feet deep at its deepest point but spread across 1,300 acres. On November 21, 1980, a violent whirlpool developed where an oil rig had been in operation and the lake simply disappeared. It was later discovered that a miscalculation had caused the drilling team to work in the wrong spot. Maybe true, maybe not.

Vanishing bodies of water being a mystery doesn’t make it a miracle.


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