stingy jet owners

Nigeria is said to be one of the leading private jet markets, competing with the US, UK and China as countries that top bombardier aircraft orders.

Private jet owners, consisting of companies, businessmen, government agencies and clergymen, will be expected to part with $1.4m annually, following the new tax scheme. The NCAA, through NAMA, last week commenced the collection of the $3,000 luxury tax from foreign-registered private jet owners and $2,500 from Nigerian-registered private jets.

But alas, The Senate on Monday ordered the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency to suspend the luxury tax.

Why?! Shebi they didn’t suspend new plate number levy,new plate number that’s just a little different from the old. Shebi they didn’t do anything about the police cloning FRSC’s job and charging an exhorbitant fee. So why can’t they accept levies placed on their own toys?
How much is $3000 to them sef? Shebi if they dip their hands in public treasury as usual, they’ll make far more. so they should be able to part with it na. This awa leaders eh, they’re just too stingy!


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