Celebs with animal look-alikes

This is the closest i’ll probably come to celebrity gist.

there’s nothing you can say to convince me that Taylor Lautner doesn’t look like this Alpaca.

this really looks like an offspring or ancestor of Donald Trump: True or False?

now this guy, Miley Cirus’ younger brother looks everything like a horse doesn’t he?

the only difference between keira and this Giraffe is the hair-style walahi.

no wonder Steve Carrel agreed to do that movie where he was a mouse lover. Just take his glasses off, see!

he does look like an Ostrich, even in Big Bang Theory.

Hehheehehe! See Rihanna’s sister, a Llama! Their names rhyme sef.

i remember being afraid of this CNN anchor guy, i used to think there was something animalistic about him. Now i see.


One thought on “Celebs with animal look-alikes

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