The Saudi Warehousing Project

Why all the fuss over this Saudi Arabia matter? That country is a wealthy one. They have transformed their domain from an eyesore to an eyecatching landscape. Check out all of the new stuff they’ve been able to achieve just cos they use their money wisely.

So if they decide to come up with a new type of housing called Warehousing then let’s allow them enjoy their new innovation. Even if the idea is mostly for Nigerians without residency permit. Abi na, at least they considered the welfare of the citizens, second class or third. Is it not better than under the bridge or tiny space back here? i’m certain they’ll even be electricity and maybe Cable tv sef.
If we had equally affordable housing projects on ground here at home no jobless, homeless nigerian will be seen in another man’s land.

So while the Saudi goverment is being condemned for its housing scheme i think it’ll be wiser to come up with our own. Not for the Saudis o, for our citizens!


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