Creepy painting of Danish royal family criticized

You must have seen a portrait of a friend or relative and you conclude they look scary. There’s one like that i know of There’s this house i know with a huge portrait of a very scary woman. The painter didn’t do justice to the mummy of the house.
Here’s one of such.
Kluge is the latest artist to have his portrayal of royals come under fire. The official portrait of the Danish royal family that took artist Thomas Kluge four years to create has drawn criticism for being dark, “creepy” and resembling the poster of a horror movie.
Yea, it does.

In the painting, which was revealed to the public, the royal couple is seen surrounded by their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.
“The present and future monarchs, H.M. The Queen, T.R.H. The Crown Prince and Prince Christian,look into the camera, as it were, while the others’’ in the painting’ are playing around with the exception of the upright and severe Prince Christian who seems aware of his future responsibilities.’

Prince Christian, 7, is second in the Danish line of succession. His “severe’’ look includes a macabre glow around his face and bags under his eyes making him look quite scary. 
Some royal family portrait.


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