British fisherman hauls in 206-pound albino catfish

This is an eight-foot-long, 206-pound albino wels catfish. It is a real thing that exists in the wild and not just in my nightmares.

The fish was caught by British fisherman Bernie Campbell, who snagged the monster in the River Ebro near Barcelona, Spain. It is believed to be the largest fish of its kind ever caught, weighing ten pounds more than the record fish caught last year.
Campbell was fishing with his son when he hauled in the beast, a process that took him half an hour. He used a special hook with barbs on it, as well as a super strong fishing line that stretched 1,800 feet.

“When I got the fish closer to the shore and I saw it was white, I couldn’t believe it. It was so strong it nearly pulled me in on four separate occasions.”

After taking some photos, the group says they put the fish back in the river.

What?! they put it back?? They didn’t make some peppersoup? That fish could make 120 people feel real happy! Oh well, aint no catfish that size swimming anywhere near nigeria, it’ll be done for! i swear on my grandpa’s grave it will be done for! All kinds of fish tins will be on the menu! Fried fish, roasted fish, smoked fish, fish peppersoup, boiled fish, grilled fish, sushi! Don’t tell me to calm down!


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