a better world with more Jehovah’s Witnesses.

That topic sure would draw your attention to the post, or maybe away from it as a lot of people tend to do with matters concerning the Jehovah Witness. But i’l be talking about them all thesame.

The above illustration best describes how a lot of people feel about the JWs. Those guys never relent. They would knock at your door everyday if they had the time. Wait, they do have the time. Looking dressed for office work and gbam at your door or gate. Chai, those people are something else. Never saw a christian sect so stubborn and steadfast. Its almost like they know something we don’t. Always ready to argue with you on any given (bible) issue. They never lack evidence in the scriptures.

i’ve always followed the path less traveled. i’ve always liked to know stuff. So i opened my door, so to speak, to them. And when one of them told me that it was wrong to celebrate xmas, ofcourse i frowned. i frowned big time. i should give up xmas chicken??! But then i did some research. And yup, he was right. Was right about birthdays and speaking in tongues amongst other stuff too.
But let me point out that i’m not a Witness. Not yet. And i say not yet because i don’t see myself walking around with a tie and briefcase but… if i were to choose from all the various places of christian worship scattered across the globe, i’l pick the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
But then i take this stance because i’ve made a list of why i think they are the real deal based on my observations over the years.

Wanna read on? Here are my points then. You need de-cloud your mind though. An open minded person sees better.

# JW do not mingle in politics or partake in any military organisation. Politics is the major cause of hate, hunger and war across the globe.

John 17:14 (NIV Bible) “…i have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world…”

verse 16: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”

What is this “world” that Jesus mentioned in his Prayer which Christians are not supposed to be a part of?

Answer is

“the world” is a society or way of life that is selfish, greedy, and self-centered opposed to the kingdom of God where there is peace, justice and mercy “. Isn’t politics/human goverment a selfish, greedy, self-centered society that claims they are for peace and yet go to war against other nations? So, is it safe to say that being no part of this world mean that Christians should not take part in politics, churches should not mingle with the State? and that christians should not be supporting and going to war?

# JW are organised and do not discriminate. Have you been to their assembly? Ofcourse you haven’t. Well, my curiousity landed me there long time ago in Ilorin. Though they have Elders, these people are not paid to hold the position and carry out their responsibilities dutifuly. The position of church elder is also voluntary(no politics). There’s no sweating pastor preaching from the top of his voice, no unbearable noise blaring from loudspeakers. And no party-like scenes at church service. They are no special seats for special people, they won’t look down on you if you came in looking tattered. They don’t even coax or cajole you into giving more money at offering time. Infact nobody will pass a bowl or offering bag your way, you willingly give. Yea, you have to go look for the offering box. Wierd.

# they show love to one another. Especially in times of need. i’ve seen their works in their publications and also physically. They’re ready to help anyone and are happy to. No church forms to fill when a member is in dire need of financial assistance.
These guys are the only congregation i’ve observed that actually follow the commandment “…love your neighbour as yourself..” in its totality.

# They study the bible more than the rest of us. And no, their bible isn’t different, only that you notice less “God” and more “Jehovah”. And that’s simply because Jehovah is his name and God is just sorta like a title/position just like “Lord” and “King”.

# JW are more steadfast in preaching the gospel than any other church body going house to house in the sun and rain with no church group asked or even forced to do it. They don’t even have a church bus! Being polite even after we are hostile to them.
i guess thats why they and the Jews were the only ones picked by the Nazis for prosecution. They must’ve pissed Hitler off big time.
If you ever take the time to listen to them you’d realise they aren’t all those things you’ve always heard they are.

# JW do not give prosperity preachings like most other churches do. They mostly preach peace, love and everlasting life. they also preach that one reads his bible regularly and thoroughly.

These should make anyone see reason. You can vex, call me names but these are but a few of MY reasons why i believe with more Jehovah’s Witnesses this world would be a much better place to live in. You could as well hit your head on the nearest wall or write your own post.


2 thoughts on “a better world with more Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  1. I was allmost forced by the apartheid era to go and fight against the black terorists back in 1976. However my Farther who had served in Ww2 said war is a mad place because he had seen it all, it can only be seen as complete evil. He pointed out the my mother who had studied the Bible with Jw said it would be a good thing to face a court martial and appose the South African regime. I did and ended up in a military prison at 17 years of age’ I was sentenced to 15 months hard labour. At the time i weighed 115-kg and after 6 months of good behaviour my mom was alloued a visit as they had sent me 2000_km north to mil head quarters. She could not recognise me @ 62_kg and after some tearfull interogation just held me crying. This single act has been my finest moment. I never became a Jw but still
    support my family who are all now active Jw in eavery way I can.

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