Almighty Government shutdown

Entering its second week with no end in sight and the prospect of a US default loomed. The US must increase its debt ceiling by October 17 or face the possibility of defaulting on its debts.

Even the Taliban militants fighting US troops in Afghanistan taunted Washington over the government shutdown, accusing US politicians of “sucking the blood of their own people”. (What’s with those guys and blood?!)

And China tells the US Government to “Get It Together, Please”.

Most analysts believe a deal would be reached in time, but investors are nervous. i am too.

Here are just some of the effects of the shutdown:

1. All the cool stuff is gone.

As 19 museums and Galleries are closed to the public. National Parks are closed as well. Oct 1st, the day it happened was the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite Park, one of America’s most popular holiday destinations. The Grand Canyon isn’t left out too. So is the Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty. All 401 national park service sites are closed. Even space watch is down! This means, if an Asteroid was earthbound the US wouldn’t know about it.

2. Some European cemeteries are shut.
The United States has 20 cemeteries in Europe that hold the remains of about 125,000 fallen soldiers, mostly from the two world wars. The cemeteries that are paid for by the federal government will now remain closed until an agreement can be reached.

2. How will they keep the Canadians out? 

Montana shares the second-longest U.S. border with Canada, after Alaska. The 545-mile stretch is now only manned by one person (an igbo guy with little care) after the remaining people in Commissioner Kyle Hipsley’s Border Patrol team were furloughed. Similar situations exist all along the 5,525-mile border.

3. Iranian sanctions.

The Office of Foreign Assets Control has been depleted to the point that it is unable to continue enforcing the sanctions. “Note, our ability to do that, to enforce sanctions, to stop sanction evaders, is being hampered significantly by the shutdown,” the agency’s head told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

4. Cancer cure must wait. 

The National Institutes of Health has had to turn away cancer patients who volunteer themselves for trials of experimental drugs after other treatments have failed.  The Maryland-based institute turned away 200 people in a week

Na wa o


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