how large is Disney World?

Disney World is an entertainment complex that opened October 1, 1971, in Florida, and is the most visited entertainment complex in the world. The property covers 30,080 acres, in which it houses 24 themed resorts, four theme parks, two water parks, and several additional recreational and entertainment venues. Original plans called for the inclusion of an “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”, a planned city that would serve as a test bed for new innovations for city living.

It is actually larger than a number of countries, 17 countries to be exact. Everyone knows that Disney World is huge, everyone except you, maybe, but mahn! More than a few didn’t expect it to be bigger than countries. Disney World Florida is larger than the worlds five smallest independent nations. In fact it is larger than all five of the them combined! These five nations are in order of increasing size: Vatican City, Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu and San Marino.

In 1959, Walt Disney Productions began looking for land for a second park to supplement Disneyland, which opened in California, in 1955. Disney used various dummy corporations to acquire 27,443 acres to avoid a burst of land speculation. Large tracts of land totaling $1.5 million were sold, and smaller tracts of flatlands and cattle pastures were purchased by exotic-sounding companies such as the Latin-American Development and Management Corporation and the Reedy Creek Ranch Corporation. See scope!

After most of the land had been bought, the truth of the property’s owner was leaked to the Orlando Sentinel newspaper on October 20, 1965. A press conference was organized for November 15, when Walt Disney explained the plans for the site, including EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which was to be a futuristic planned city (also known as Progress City).


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