“and the meek shall inherit the earth”

The above statement is the bane of my discussion. I got it from the bible. Had to point that out cos i’m pretty certain many christians aren’t aware its there. Many christians don’t even know where the book of Peter is. But i digress.

Meekness is a possible attribute of human nature and behavior. It has been defined several ways: God fearing, quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on; submissive etc.
i’ll come back to this.

As a lot of people strive(though without much effort) to go to heaven, i on the one hand will just love to be on this earth doing whatever. Its abit more adventurous, i think.
Let me break it down. You want to go to heaven so you can do what exactly? They’d be no ipads, ipods, cool apps or video games that the world has become accustomed to. No Cinemas, Malls or Soap operas that we all waste our time and money at. No social media, infact, no social, no media.

If i understand the bible, heaven is gonna be quite a boring place. It didn’t say that per se, but it did say that the great multitude would be singing for eternity. That my friend is sort of tiring even to think of. Add that to walking on streets paved with precious stones that you get tired of seeing after a while. You can’t keep them or trade with them. And all this time, you’re wearing one type of clothing. Yup, footwear wasn’t mentioned either.
So we all walk around, bare-footed, singing for eternity.

On the other hand thought, we, and i mean we -as in- i will be among those who’ll be strolling in lush gardens, riding on wild animal backs, swinging from tree branches and jumping off waterfalls Tarzan-style. How’s that for amazing adventure?!

I’m not saying heaven isn’t an awesome place to be. Do not quote me wrong. Who doesn’t want to be in a place with beautiful scenery and great music. Its just…well, no one wants to…let me put it this way, you attend the annual “The Experience” held at TBS, now imagine being there for a year. Good, now ten years. Get the picture?

So back to Meekness, while y’all struggle to go to heaven and hate your neighbour at the same time, how about you just be kind to everyone around so you could be counted as one of the meek that will inherit the earth? Quit the bombings and backbiting, let’s inherit the beautiful earth!
Our actions and inaction have caused a great deal of destruction already. We really should start to act right. Except if you’re determined to be amongst those to gnash their teeth, that is.

Here’s just what i was thinking of today.

And before you go berserk on me because of my above depiction of heaven, slow down, realize that you might just be amongst those who are willing and ready to defend their faith and all it stands for but are yet not ready to practice the same faith. Check yourself, do you practice what you preach? i’ll answer that for you – No! Realize that by ‘defending’ your faith you most often than not get aggressive and say words your God commands you against. A lot of dehumanizing statements have been posted online by so called pastors and their assistants, fervent church goers, ministers, choir leaders, deacons, etc. While attempting to defend their faith or their church heads. Statements that build up hate that in turn build up actions, negative actions. Realize that this post is then for you. Mend your ways. (And by ‘Mend’ i don’t mean the South-South boys). Be meek. Of a truth, with that bad mouth you cannot make heaven. Nor be swear.


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