of Gospel versions of popular songs

There’s a trend building up these days. It didn’t start today, been around a long time but its repugnant now. Its of ‘gospel singers’ doing their own versions/covers of club bangers or so called secular music in a desperate attempt to garner a fan base. Why pick a song that clearly celebrates Sin, as it were, turn it on its head, tweak the beat abit, add the words, ‘lord’, ‘jesus’, ‘holyghost’, ‘jehovah’, ‘almighty’ etc etc. to make it seem Holy?
This morning, i heard the gospel version of ‘kukere’, yesterday it was ‘missing you’ by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans. Soon someone will come up with a gospel cover of ‘the kick’ or ‘natural something’. If they can’t come up with their own rhythm and whatever else then they shouldn’t bother doing gospel. Oh yeah, there’s a gospel version of ‘Eminado’.


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