unbelievable beauty secrets from around the world

1) In the small Asian nation of Tajikistan, the unibrow is considered a highly attractive feature in women!
There is actually a medical term for having a unibrow called synophrys. In the West, the unibrow is considered very unattractive and becomes the brunt of the joke. In Tajikistan, a small Asian country, the unibrow is celebrated in full.

Women and girls let their unibrow grow thick. It is considered highly attractive on them. Those who can’t grow a unibrow naturally will use an herbal remedy to fake it.

2) Gladiator sweat was used as skin beauty product in ancient Rome. The fat of the animals that fought in the arena too.

3) Plastic Surgeons in South Korea say the mark of beauty is not the asian face, most people want to look caucasian. They do about 100 operation everyday turning people fro asian to caucasian.

4) Viking women were the first to were bras! They wore metal discs and clasps that formed shoulder protection but were actually for holding the breasts in place.

5) People in Japan used to dye their teeth black. It was a fashion statement!

6) Women in an Indonesian tribe sharpen their teeth. Na shakara also.

7) Pale skin was seen as a status symbol in old english times.

8) Google ‘millihelen’.


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