questions on our servitude mentality

Why is the use of titles so over emphasised in nigeria? Why is “your excellency” always used to refer to governors and even their wives? Even LG chairmen and their wives are called “your excellency”.
In what way have they been excellent?
i noticed the Rivers State governor is referred to as “Right Honourable”? And we aren’t in a Paliamentary system.

Why do we get threatened or even whipped on our roads just cos a person in goverment is using thesame road? Why do we have to suffer a standstill for thesame reason? Its a democracy and they should be serving us right?!

Why does the president have a guy to carry his paper? Why does someone have to adjust his chair for him? What’s wrong with his hands? Why does that uniformed man have to stand behind him all the time? Aren’t we in a Democracy, so why make it look like we’re in a military regime? Besides, Security works best in the arrangements that people don’t see. i haven’t seen one uniformed man behind or near Obama, and he’s the most threatened president on the planet.

We don’t see all of these being practiced by other democracies. I guess the average black leader seems to be a lover of power. And the average follower just loves to pour servitude on his leader.


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