the lost virtue

There’s a virtue long lost in us. This is a virtue we need while driving, walking, buying or selling and in our daily interactions, both vocal and physical with others around us. This virtue, Patience. No, i’m not referring to the first lady, i mean the act. Cmon, i’m not implying that the first lady isn’t a virtuous woman, we all know she is. Please don’t let us stray from the topic.

Most of the traffic situations in lagos is caused by the lack of it. The three to ten seconds it’ll take make way for a fellow motorists has become a huge problem. We instead prefer to get down and fight in the event of a collision. “Do you know who i be?” becomes the question. More time is lost in the yawa wey don gas. Businesses are lost, relationships collapsed, because of the lack of it. A few moments to reason with a partner is not necessary, few more moments to satisfy a client with details is exhausting.

We even lack the patience to see a movie. We fastforward if the ‘talk’ gets ‘too much’.
To read a blog post is another wahala, some scroll down to read the end before starting “from the starting” as my nephew used to say. Some check how long it is before deciding to read a post.
“No time to check time” is a welcome slogan.

But still, many haven’t achieved much.


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